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Back Roads in Berkshires
photography by Susan House
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Friends, I’m sorry I haven’t posted lately. Part of the reason is I just haven’t felt inspired lately. I’m in the process of moving unexpectedly and my life has been in a turmoil. It is in this turmoil though that I’ve learned a very important lesson I would like to share with you.

Yesterday, I felt I was wronged. Now, when you feel you are wronged you have a choice to make. You can handle it in your flesh or you can hand it over to God. Well, I handled it in my flesh. When I profess to be a Christian, I have an awesome responsibility. I am representing Christ to others.

In our local newspaper yesterday, there was an article about a resident who is or was the beautician for former First Lady Barbara Bush. She mentioned some advice Mrs. Bush had given her one time was: “Would this ____ make a difference in five years?” All night this has gnawed at me. I must say, this wrong in five years will be forgotten. However, my actions may not be forgotten by the person(s) who I felt wronged me. These people know I am a Christian and I must be totally honest and say my actions did NOT bring God any glory. Even worse, my actions could have affected and effected someone’s eternity!!

Friends, whether we are having good times or difficult times we must remember ALWAYS, we are Christ’s representative. As His representative, are we bringing glory to Him? Are we affecting someone’s eternity in a positive or negative way? The problem may not mean anything to us in five years but it could effect someone’s eternity. Isaiah 30:21 tell us “Whether I move to the right or to the left your ears will hear a voice saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it.” When we haven’t handled a situation in a manner that brings glory to God; the only action we can take is asking forgiveness. Forgiveness not only from God but also from the one WE wronged by our actions. Excuse me while I go eat some humble pie.


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