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From one generation to the next, myths have perpetrated about Christians. These myths have been around probably from the time of Adam and Eve; but, most assuredly, since the first church was formed when Peter gave his first sermon to the people of Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost. For the next several posts, I am going to address some of these myths.

MYTH ONE:  As soon as we ask Christ to come into our hearts we become Christlike.

 Now, please don’t misunderstand, we DO have eternal life and our sins are forgiven and we are a new person. However, just as a baby does not become an adult overnight neither does a person become Christlike at his time of salvation. Peter, in his first letter, says: “Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation…” Many times we do not recognize the growth in ourselves. This was the case with me.

Always whenever an emergency would occur, it wasn’t until after everything quieted down that I would think to ask God for his help. Then, one day, as I was traveling on I-75 in Florida as the sun was setting, my car died. Unlike my standard operating procedure, this time I stopped and prayed. Praising God for being with me and getting me safely to the side of the road, I laid the problem in His most capable hands. The peace I had that night and over the next week was only a peace that God could give me. The answer was only one that God could orchestrate. When I say my car died, it literally died. The engine was dead. With no money in savings, on a fixed income this was NOT good news. However, one week later, thanks to a Christian organization called Love in the Name of Christ; I was driving a 2001 Buick Century. This organization provided the down payment in an amount that allowed the monthly payments to be an amount I could afford to repay without causing undue stress. From that point on, when any type of emergency occurs, I first turn it over to God and wait for His guidance.

It is only when we look back and compare how we handled circumstances without God and how we handle circumstances with God now can we see our growth. How do we grow? In the same way we become friends with a stranger. We first introduce ourselves, then we spend time with them, we learn about their likes and dislikes, we set time aside to spend with them, we do things we enjoy together, and most importantly, we are honest with each other. This is how we become mature Christians, we allow ourselves to become friends with our God. Will you?


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