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This morning I was remembering how last week I jealously guarded Monday from having outside of the home obligations. Nothing short of an emergency was going to be cause for leaving my home during the day. Tasks had been piling up and it was time to get them crossed off my “to do” list. Instantly,  I knew this was how God wants me to protect my time with Him. My NIV Life Application Study Bible concordance defines jealousy this way: “apprehensive of the loss of another’s affection; vigilant in guarding something; feelings of envy or bitterness. The Scripture about God’s name being Jealous and God being a jealous God ran through my mind. Is He really apprehensive of losing our affection? Wow, He loves me and cares for me so much God is apprehensive of losing my affection? Is this an indication of how much He wants a relationship with me? Yes, YES, AND YESSSSS!!! Not only does He love me and you that much, He also does NOT want to lose our affection for Him to the gods of the world and it is definitely and indication how much He desires a relationship with each one of us.

Then look at the second part of the definition: VIGILANT IN GUARDING SOMETHING. Has He been vigilant in guarding me, in guarding my relationship with Him, is this an appropo description of our relationship? Looking back over my faith walk with Him my answer is a resounding YES to each of the questions. Even when I was sure His ears were plugged and He had turned a deaf ear to me, I can honestly say He was “vigilantly guarding something” ; without a doubt, my life, the heart I had asked Him to share, my faith. Praise God!!

Does God have feelings of envy or bitterness? He definitely didn’t like it when the Israelites kept turning away from Him. He definitely didn’t like it when I turned away. Yes, maybe God is righteously envious and bitter when we eagerly follow the worldly path rather than the path He has chosen for me or you. Looking at it this way, makes me want to jealously guard my time, my relationship, my love for Him and know my faith is stronger because of it.  What about you?


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