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Our God loves to help us grow by blasting us out of our comfort zone. He knows we like comfort. We hate change. Whether a calling, a ministry, or a one-time task we feel totally unqualified for; He must pry us loose from our comfort zone.


At 58 years old, God called me to be a photographer/writer. WOW!! What a shock! Here I was with no credentials in journalism, photography, or theology. What was God up to? I obeyed but with great hesitation. It overwhelmed me that my words could speak to ones. Even after receiving encouragement and substantiation from others I refused to believe this was God’s purpose for me. This disbelief led me to a period of disobedience. How?


The Evil One threw his darts and arrows convincing me I was not a writer or a photographer. I must have misunderstood God. After all, I had no training, no degree, and no equipment for this calling. During this struggle, I was immersed in the Word: leading and facilitating Bible Studies, reading God’s Word, praying, and talking TO Him (not with Him) constantly. Finally, Satan succeeded. I believed his lies. My writing ceased. My photography ceased. After several months, God used Paul’s words to wake me up and  “… take every thought captive to make it obedient to Christ.” Satan was holding my thoughts captive. Now God had my attention.

God showed me the enemy’s craftiness. It was time to defend myself.  Once more, God used Paul’s words for the enemy’s defeat, “For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of this world. On the contrary, we must use weapons of divine power to demolish strongholds.”  The only way to slay the dragon is to throw God’s Truths at him.

Only by confessing my wrongdoing (believing the enemy), standing firmly in agreement with God (He is my credentials), accepting His forgiveness, and fighting the enemy with Scripture could the dragon be defeated. Writing and photography is God’s gift and God’s purpose for me. Through God my inabilities become abilities for His glory to shine. One never grows too old to be used by God. By fighting with God’s weapons, victory occurred. This is how Victory’s Song was created:



O God, Your forgiveness

Restores my soul

Like a spring rain turns winter’s meadows green.

And I thank you Lord.


Your forgiveness

Is the Living Water

Cleansing my soul

Like the rushing water of a mountain brook in springtime.

And I thank you Lord.


Your forgiving Spirit frees my spirit

Like a bird’s song floating through the morning sky.

And I thank you Lord.


O my Precious Jesus,

Your forgiveness dances over me

Like a summer shower

Renewing my spirit with Your grace.

And I thank you Lord.


Your love, My Friend,

Creates in me a heart

Like one of Your robust mighty oak.

And I thank you Lord.


Your forgiveness, my Savior,

Makes my feelings soar

Like an eagle on a clear, summer day.

And I thank you Lord.


Your Spirit fills me with freedom

Like the clouds dancing in a summer sky.

And I thank you Lord.


My Dear Friend, in this storm-strewn world,

Your arms are

Like a comforting sanctuary

Satisfying me with Your peace.

And I thank you Lord.


O Precious Jesus, may I be a light for You

In this darkened world

Until we meet face to face.

And I am Yours, O Lord.







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