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Listening to Satan’s lies, I thought my sins so bad You couldn’t forgive,
With outstretched arms You called to me,
You said those words not one of us deserves,
“I love you, Child, please be Mine.”

With heavy heart and ohl so bleak,
I cried, “I can’t!! I can’t!! You see, I’ve sinned so bad, there’s no hope for me.
If You only knew, You couldn’t, You wouldn’t love me.”
“My child, I know! I can, I do, I am!”

With cautious heart I cried, “I love You Lord! You died for Me;
but, more importantly, You beat death’s sting, You rose for me!”

When everywhere I turn, people say, “You can’t!”
Lord, You say, “You can! You will!
So all will see, ‘I can, I do, I am!”

When the world turns upside down, inside out, and
all around it is so dark, You are the Light that guides us
back from hell to heaven itself so all will see,
“I can, I do, I am!”

Tell the people so all will see,
“I can, I do, I am!”


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My Flag ZNP

My Flag ZNP

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2 Chronicles 7:14: “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their Land.”

Recently I’ve been receiving emails using this verse, asking me to pray for our nation so our land will be healed. I’m in total agreement that our land needs to be healed; but, some of the emails I’ve received makes this verse sound like a magic potion. If we pray, God will forgive, and our land will be healed. Unfortunately, it’s going to take more than prayer to heal this land.

Many people believe these words were spoken to the people of Israel at a time when they were rebelling. However, this is NOT true. These words were spoken to Solomon when he had completed the building of God’s Temple and Solomon was preparing to dedicate the Temple. God knew Israel would eventually sin as a nation and He was telling Solomon how the nation of Israel could find redemption. Today, the same thing holds true for any nation or any person. First, we must recognize our wickedness; then we must seek God, confess our sins, “turn from (our) wicked ways”. When we do these three things, God promises us He will hear us, forgive us, and most importantly, heal us.

When my children were little and one of them was misbehaving badly, I would send he/she to his/her room to think about his/her actions; hopefully, see the errors of his/her behavior so she/he could come to me, turn from his/her wicked way, and tell me he/she was sorry. Only then could I tell the child he/she was forgiven and all was well. Little did I know, I was using the same formula God had given Solomon so long ago so each one of us or as a nation so we could fellowship with Him. Our nation will be healed when one by one we recognize the wickedness of our way, seek God’s face, ask forgiveness, change from our wicked ways, and we RECEIVE His forgivenesss and one by one we RECEIVE His healing.

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